Alex English

I’m Alex English.  I am in artist management and I love music.   I collect synthesizers.  I also love finding 80s & 90s freestyle bicycles.   I’ve recently become obsessed with swimming, cycling & running!

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Artist Management / DJ

Who Have I Worked With

Multiple live events and concerts



Who Have I Worked With

Skrillex, Vincent Gallo, Sean Lennon (promoter) | Callie Reiff, GLD, Mark Evans, QRTR, Jamie Myerson (mgmt)

Favorite Artist

Depeche Mode

Favorite Album


Favorite Song

Blue Dress

What brought you into the music industry?


How is your life affected by COVID-19?

My industry is on hold until COVID is over

Have I benefited from a COVID relief fund?


How do you feel in general?

Obviously this is horrible for the industry as a whole, but I am finding the silver lining. I am enjoying the slower pace. I have also spent more time outdoors doing healthy activities.

A short funny/memorable/touching story on the job.

A very big DJ thought I was a bar back and asked his manager to get me out of his green room. His manager whispered into the artist's ear explaining who I am. Big greetings and hugs followed with a slightly embarrassed headliner.

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