Andy Rourke

My name is Andy and I'm a Capricorn and also a musician, You may know me from The Smiths amongst other bands, I love chocolate coffins and... wait has someone already used that? damn you Armisen!! I love music, cats and tea, right now I am happy, I'm listening to my vinyl collection, sitting with my cat on my lap, whilst sipping hot ginger tea on this cold and rainy New York afternoon! I also love to travel (hope to see you next year Italy) X

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Who Have I Worked With

Blitz Vega (present), Badly Drawn Boy, Ian Brown, Pretenders, D.A.R.K (Dolores O'Riordan/ Ole Koretsky), Sinead O'connor, Freebass (Mani/Hooky), Daddy (Tim O'Keefe/ James Franco), Morrissey


New York, NY

Favorite Artist

Neil Young

Favorite Album

Plastic Ono Band

Favorite Song

“Stay” by David Bowie

What brought you into the music industry?

From as early as I can remember I had a fascination/ connection with music, I formed my first band with Johnny (Marr) age15, things progressed from there very quickly, music was literaly the only thing that would get me out of bed in the mornings. My first experience with the music industry happened with The Smiths in 1983.

How is your life affected by COVID-19?

It's affected it massively, my life, like everyone else has changed forever, my work and the industry has crumbled, with my latest project Blits Vega for instance, gigs cancelled, trips cancelled, recording in the traditional way (ie:with people) cancelled, the list goes on

Have I benefited from a COVID relief fund?


How do you feel in general?

Obviously this situation is scary, people need to take this seriously!I think we all need to adapt, help and support each other and above all be safe and responsible.Life is going ok for me, I can't complain, I always try to make the best out of a situation and look towards a future when we can put all of this behind us.

A short funny/memorable/touching story on the job.

There are many funny things happened over the years but here's one...During my brief time with the Pretenders, we were recording The Last Of The Independents album and after one session we decided to go to the pub, we were already a bit loaded, there was a local covers band playing and we thought it would be a great idea to "jump onstage" the band begrudgingly accepted, "hi we are The Pretenders" and we launched into our unrehearsed drunken set, after about 10 minutes we were booed of stage with people shouting amongst other things "you're not The Pretenders, you're shit" we made a swift exit and called it a night!

Photo: Dana Distortion

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