David Pattillo

I'm David Pattillo. Some know me as dp, some know me as Majik....a couple call me Strange but David is just fine. I started the Strange Majik project in 2015 and have made about 6 albums. I love old blues, classic rock, classic cars, and French new wave films. I love the spirit and the wild abandon of music but do enjoy the fine melody. I've been known to sport hats and vintage glasses and meditate daily.

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Who Have I Worked With

Multiple live events and concerts


New York City

Who Have I Worked With

Strange Majik and The Dead Exs as artist and many more as producer

Favorite Artist

David Bowie

Favorite Album

Station To Station

Favorite Song


What brought you into the music industry?

My mother!

How is your life affected by COVID-19?

We are playing live shows in the windows and raising the spirits of NYC one show at a time!! My son and I made a record at my studio and stayed creative during the peak. We made the best of the ghost town East Village and grew accustomed to it!

Have I benefited from a COVID relief fund?


How do you feel in general?

Meditation has saved my ass. I think this is the time for looking inward and building character and becoming one with the source of things.

A short funny/memorable/touching story on the job.

I had a beautiful residency at Belle Reve in Tribeca. We lasted five years of every Tuesday till COVID shut us down in March. One night a friend of mine who is a journalist from Italy was in town. She asked me if she could bring a guest to the show. I said of course! Lo and behold immediately after out first set, up walks Bowie T-Rex super producer Tony Visconti and says, "David I LOVE YOUR SONGS!" I was overwhelmed. Not only did I get to meet the right hand man of my favorite artist but he said THE PERFECT THING! Not I love your guitar playing... I love your music... I love you voice... but I love your SONGS. That made it for me. The next day he wrote all about his beautiful night on social media and I was humbled in gratitude.

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