Fred Armisen

My name is Fred and I am a comedian. I love records. I love cemeteries. I love chocolate. I hope to be buried in a chocolate coffin.

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Los Angeles, CA

Who Have I Worked With

Devo, Bob Mould, Sleater-Kinney. The Clash, Sheila E.

Favorite Artist


Favorite Album:

“Ram” Paul and Linda McCartney

Favorite Song

“Cybele’s Reverie” Stereolab

What brought you into the music industry?

Obsession with drums and punk rock when I was a teenager.

How is your life affected by COVID-19?

Had to cancel a tour

Have I benefited from a COVID relief fund?


How do you feel in general?

I never thought I’d see anything like this.

A short funny/memorable/touching story on the job.

I had to learn Devo songs on the drums a few years ago. I didn’t have to think about how the beats went, because when I was a kid, that’s how I learned. By playing their songs on the drums.

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Fred's work:

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