Jonny Couch

Hi! My name is Jonny Couch. I'm a rock drummer and singer/songwriter. I have toured all over the place with many bands. You may have seen me banging the drums with various rock groups or singing my heart out with my brand of new romantic inspired original tunes. I love blasting records, red wine, and touring! Let me sing beautiful music to you!

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Solo artist


Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Artist

Cheap Trick

Favorite Album

In Color

Favorite Song


What brought you into the music industry?

My love of rock and roll music brought me into the industry.

How is your life affected by COVID-19?

I was planning a more extensive tour this year to support my last LP release "Mystery Man". That had to be canceled. I also had to cancel a live appearance with my band on WFMU Radio and a live event with my band at Columbia University. So there has been a huge negative impact from a performance and promotional standpoint.

Have I benefited from a COVID relief fund?


How do you feel in general?

I have had more time to do some songwriting. It was difficult to be in any type of creative mood for a long time, however I've started to do quite a bit of songwriting lately, which is always therapeutic and rewarding. I was able to record a new single with my producer, and I am excited to release it at some point soon.

A short funny/memorable/touching story on the job.

When I lived in Pittsburgh, Michael Kastelic (from garage rock band The Cynics) and I were both given a ticket from the police for putting up posters on city poles to promote our rock band Honeyburst. When the court date arrived, we found ourselves in the courtroom with Ed Masley, the main music critic for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at the time, and also famous film makeup artist Tom Savini. They were also there for various reasons and we all knew each other. It was almost like a day of celebrity court for people involved in the Pittsburgh punk rock scene. Long story short: the judge was a fellow drummer and he asked me if I knew what a paradiddle was. I was able to answer him correctly, and so he let us both off with a small $20 dollar fine.

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