Patrick King (PKING)

I am PKING. I just doooooo things. Been in the entertainment business since 2009. From comedy shows to musicals to bands to coffee, I like to keep things moving. And then............Covid came.

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Drum Tech, Stage Manager, Production Assistant, Guitar Tech, Java Entrepreneur


Worldwide. Based out of Texas.

Favorite Artist

Lamb of God, Hellyeah, Black Label Society, BABYMETAL, 10 years, Emilie Autumn

Favorite Album

What’s Going On, Marvin Gaye

A Piece of Your Soul, Storyville

Favorite Song

Good Day for the Blues

What brought you into the music industry?

I stepped in it.

How is your life affected by COVID-19?

Our business is dead in the water with no apparent resuscitation date scheduled. And yes, I checked the day sheet. A shame that none of us know when we’ll be able to get back to work and doing shows. Bands and crews alike. I really feel for all the fans out there. Sucks for everyone right now. I am happy to have my own coffee out there on the market. At least it’s doing well.

Have I benefited from a COVID relief fund?


How do you feel in general?

While cautiously optimistic, I see things for what they are in the moment. I’m utilizing this time to tend to things I’ve missed by being on the road. Also using the time to see and take opportunities I may not have seen or taken before.

A short funny/memorable/touching story on the job.

Being in 33 below weather in Canada when our bus caught fire was fun. We’d already had a hell of a tour. One issue after the next. Vinnie Paul owned the bus and was our drummer. As everyone was hurrying to get off the bus Vinnie was laughing the whole time. People were freaking out and scurrying. Someone yelled “Why are you laughing? “ He said “Because you can’t write comedy like this!”

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