Welcome to The Rock and Roll Project

“Rock and roll: Music for the neck down.” 

—Keith Richards

Who is this blog for?? Well...everyone who loves music really.

Hello friends and music lovers! Welcome to The Rock and Roll Project. My name is Dana Distortion and I’m a music photographer based in Brooklyn. 

This pandemic has hit all of us hard, and in different ways. But sitting around and waiting it out was just not an option for me. So I came up with an idea to bring a smile and some hope to help us get through all this. And my idea was not only to share stories of some amazing people in the music community, but also to do something that may help some people out financially in this strange time. 

I’ve teamed up with my good friend, world-renowned tour manager Nora Shazlin, and we’ve created The Rock and Roll Project.

The first part of this project is a t-shirt collection featuring the words “Rock and Roll” in various languages and sold here on the store. Not only does rock and roll look great in any language, 100% of the profits from sales of The Rock and Roll Project t-shirt collection will be donated to MusiCares® to help the music community in this time of need.

The second part of The Rock and Roll Project is this blog. Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we will feature stories of inspiring humans from throughout the music industry. From the most famous names to those who work behind the scenes, all the people featured in this blog will wear a t-shirt of their choice from The Rock and Roll Project collection. Alongside the photos I’ll take of these people, you’ll read interesting, short stories from booking agents, musicians, stage hands, journalists, guitar techs, video personalities, and many more. We're determined to spread some love and bring a little hope back into our lives while we wait for music to return to the stage!

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Let’s use this forum to keep a positive vibe, meet some of the most amazing people in the industry, and who knows, maybe make a friend or two? 

"Rock 'n Roll might not solve your problems, but it does let you dance all over them.” 

—Pete Townshend

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